December 7, 2010

Bijker's technological frame

Now that we've identified relevant social groups in the study of technologies, we can talk about the concept of technological frames.
"A technological frame structures the interactions between the actors of a relevant social group, and shapes their thinking and acting."
The framework comes into existence once interaction among group members begins around a particular technology.  When there is no activity, the framework is not built but once constructed, the framework shapes activity.

Interactions occur among actors of a relevant social group, but these interactions are not necessarily typical or characteristic of any individual of the group or the group itself.

A technological frame may include some of the following:
  1. problems
  2. problem-solving strategies
  3. design methods
  4. tacit knowledge

Pinch, Bijker.  "The social construction of facts and artefacts: or how the sociology of science and the sociology of technology might benefit each other."

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