About this blog

The original purpose of this blog was to complement research for doctoral studies, but since that project had to be shelved, it has evolved into something slightly different.  It is unlikely that the dissertation will be written but I still wish to continue researching and writing; they have developed into a habit over the months.

This blog primarily reflects my continuing  research interests, namely the history of telecommunications, ICTs, social media, Victorian-Edwardian social history, SCOT theories, time-space compression, and sociology.  

Some readers land on these pages after a Google search, expecting to find an online telephone directory.  To these people, my profound apologies for wasting your time.  I suppose I could change the blog's title, but I do like its ambiguity.

Caveat - I am under no illusions: my posts will be boring and arcane to all but a handful.  However, should anyone be moved to read a little further and even contribute comments and critique, then the feedback is most welcome.  

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