March 8, 2011


This evening Yoko Ono (@yokoono) issued the following tweet:
"Total communication equals peace. And it will eliminate ignorance, apathy and hatred."
Yoko is not the first to express such sentiments.  Although it is a noble desire, it is one that must remain in the realm of utopia.
Since the year dot, people have welcomed each new communications innovation with the same words and wishes - that the ease with which we can communicate with our fellow man will break down barriers, bring the peoples of the world closer together, and foster greater understanding and tolerance. 

They said it when the telegraph went national
They said it when the Atlantic cable was laid
They said it when the telephone came along (and when the Paris-London link was established)
They said it (and are still saying it) about the World Wide Web

So many new technologies and all have failed to bring world peace.  Just about the only thing they have succeeded in doing is making it easier for generals to conduct wars.

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