February 23, 2011

The visions of a clairvoyant

It had to happen sooner or later, I suppose – a review about a crackpot clairvoyant who ‘sees’ through telephone wires. 

Vincent D. Turvey was a regular clairvoyant and seer who had visions.  In addition, he developed a new skill in “phone-voyance” in 1903.  One day he telephoned a friend and had a vision of the room where the friend was sitting.  Turvey was able to describe not only the room but also the characteristics of a second person in the company of the friend.  We are led to believe that the friend failed to mention the presence of this person.

I do admit to being an ignoramus where clairvoyants are concerned but I fail to see any substantial difference between Turvey’s two types of seership.  He himself makes the differentiation.

In case you are keen to learn more, Turvey wrote a book about his talents in 1911 (cashing in on the new technology?) and even more surprisingly, it has been reprinted in recent years by several publishers (cashing in on books no longer in copyright?)  Amazon has a selection – a gift idea for next Christmas perhaps?


Henriette said...

Nice information related to perceptive, good blog as well, thanks.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you enjoyed the post. It seems that new technologies have always attracted the serious, and the not so serious. This is certainly one side to telephony that deserves further investigation - perhaps for the next research project!

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