November 26, 2010

The Adventures of Princess Sylvia

A new book came out in 1900 called The Adventures of Princess Sylvia, by Mrs. C. N. Williamson.

The fictional-monarchical vein once more.  Sylvia is wooed at Richmond by Maximilian, Emperor of Rhaetia, and to Rhaetia the story quickly moves.  There are baronesses, and burgomasters, and chamois and chancellors; also telephones.
This review appeared in The Academy, March 1900.  The last line is very Alexander Pope-esque, with its alliterations (baronesses and burgomasters) and tacked on at the end, the new-fangled telephone, in an afterthought of bathos.

I suspect the review is better written than the book itself.  Must try and find an e-book online.

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